Pushi Organic Sanitary Pad

Pushi Organic Sanitary Pad


This is the first sanitary pad sold in China that has both Chinese and European organic certificates. The main part is made of organic cotton, the base sheet and bag are 100% biodegradable material and the box is made of FSC certified paper with soy ink printing. The design team created a modern illustration of the cheongsam, which represents the essence of Chinese women. The pads help women be more elegant during their period, reminding women of their self-care for both body and mind.

Statement of the jury

The design works with illustrations of women, making it clear at the very first glance who the target audience is. The design looks fresh, modern and friendly and clearly emphasises the naturalness of the product, while also communicating the subject of sanitary towels in a pleasantly discreet manner.


Excellent Communications Design