Cliff House Weekend Residence

Cliff House Weekend Residence


Cliff House is a fishing cabin on the Ten River. The 6 m tubular RC framework has one end thrust out over the river and the other end buried in a cliff face. For stability I used a counterweight and a concrete pile at the fulcrum. The deck has a great view of the mountains and forest across the river. With sunlight at only one end, the interior is partitioned with the living room and bath at the lighter end with large windows while the bedrooms are buried in the earth for the insulation benefit.

Statement of the jury

The way in which the cubic volume protrudes from the mountain over the precipice is as breath-taking as it is fascinating. The design has been kept clear and puristic both on the inside and outside and therefore attracts the attention of the inhabitants towards the spectacular landscape. An elegant concept that is also an especially peaceful location.


Excellent Architecture


Masahiro Nakayama