CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Z Series

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Z Series


A hollowed titanium alloy case with multiple surface finishes extends the delicacy of the mechanical movement inside, unifying the watch as a whole to show the exquisite skeleton mechanics. Four hexagonal screws embedded in the case to indicate the hour provide a distinct and recognisable visual character. The quick-release silicone strap with a unique design of round bumps offers a comfortable and breathable user experience, applied to different wrist sizes and colour needs.

Statement of the jury

The watch presents as outwardly exceptional, stunning and refined with the additional benefit of customisation through different straps in varying materials and colours. Combining an artificial sapphire glass and a steel body with a transparent face that shows all internal moving parts, results in a tough, enduring watch that has a wow factor for the viewer and wearer alike.


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