Eve Plus

Eve Plus


Eve Plus is an elegant docking station for your iPad. It lets you magnetically mount your iPad on a wall or table, in any orientation, always charged. You can use Eve for a variety of control applications in home automation, meeting rooms, hotels, retail stores and many more. This minimalist mount only adds the bare minimum to the iPad’s iconic design. It is precision engineered from high-quality metals in the same design and finishes as Basalte luxury switches, thermostats and sockets. Handmade in Belgium.

Statement of the jury

Harmonious, instinctual and contemporary in looks, Eve Plus provides a modern-day solution to loading and storage of audio-visual equipment while acting as practical viewpoints. Outwardly stylish in a number of colours, the collection can be placed on a table or wall mount that mingles with other modern technology prevalent in users’ everyday lives.


Excellent Product Design