Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl

Weinmanufaktur Clemens Strobl


The winery is the centrepiece of the historic estate ensemble, which includes a residential house and a bath house. A vault cellar, tasting room, kitchen and offices interlock like building bricks below the glass pendentive where two gables meet. The interior design’s straightforwardness extends along the architectural structure, clearly marks individual areas, allows for flexible use due to its openness, and plays with the plain charm of bygone industrial architecture.

Statement of the jury

Thanks to the clear stylistic language of the architecture and consistent use of concrete, glass and steel, the ambience of the winemaker is not only highly modern and upmarket, it also draws the attention of the visitor consistently to what counts: the production of good wine. The contrast between the external view of the extended architectural façade, whose historical origins are still evident, and the modern minimalist interior is fascinating. An impressive design that divides all of the wine-making areas into zones, but allows them to be perceived as a coherent whole and at the same time surprises with many interesting details.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture