Varga-Flexo OKTOFLEX PREMIUM flexographic printing press

Varga-Flexo OKTOFLEX PREMIUM flexographic printing press


The OKTOFLEX PREMIUM flexographic press is the result of a thoughtful and comprehensive design-based product development project. The final design reflects the 27 years of experience accumulated by Varga-Flexo Ltd. The objective of the design was to find an optimal connection between man and machine in regard to its operation, handling, maintenance and servicing. This formally, visually and functionally integrated system was created in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0.

Statement of the jury

With its clear, distinctly proportioned areas and precise edges, the machine looks altogether very modern and progressive. The ergonomically arranged and clearly structured control panels together with the audit areas were neatly and with high contrast integrated into the housing. The system comes across as being generally very user friendly.


Excellent Product Design