Neues Kesselhaus auf dem Nordstern-Campus Gelsenkirchen

Neues Kesselhaus auf dem Nordstern-Campus Gelsenkirchen


The new 126-metre long red rust building replaces the former boiler house of the coal mine, which closed in 1993 and is part of the revitalization. The new building captures essential design features of the industrial architecture and forms the southern edge of the office campus. A transparent communication level, the »seam story«, stretches the length of the building. Two glass bridges link from here to the existing historical building. The entrance foyer vertically connects all building levels.

Statement of the jury

Coal mining is inextricably linked with the history and culture of Gelsenkirchen. The closure of several pits threatened the loss of an important piece of cultural history. The proposal for repurposing the black coal mine, shut down in 1993, into the »Nordstern-Bürocampus« in Gelsenkirchen is a decisive answer to this threat. The project also encompasses the construction of a new 126 metre-long building, which will replace the boiler house made derelict by the closure of the mine. Here it is noteworthy how harmoniously the building fits into the ensemble with its rust-red colouration and clear, functional form, which consistently adheres to the historical industrial style of the existing buildings. Elegant details like the bridges to adjacent rooms and the layers in the building architecture reminiscent of coalbeds strengthen the overall harmonious impression.


Excellent Architecture




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