Details Dispenser

Details Dispenser


The »Details Dispenser« is a dispenser for hand sanitiser or soap. It is designed to be welcoming and make a positive first impression.

This automatic dispenser is not only beautiful but is designed for service, disassembly and is refillable. The »Keep Me« bottle is easy to refill without creating unnecessary waste of single-use plastics. The dispenser comes in four standard colours and can be wall, stand or glass-mounted. Designed and produced in Denmark.

Statement of the jury

The modern and high-quality looking »Details Dispenser« with its friendly and striking shape reminiscent of a bar of soap invites you to disinfect your hands, which is done easily and conveniently thanks to the intuitive design.


Excellent Product Design
Bath and Wellness


Details by Wahl&Ross


Details by Wahl&Ross, Drew Wahlberg Rosskelly, Maria Wahlberg Rosskelly, Charles Boyle, Kurt Bouvy