Creative Rebels NFT Collection

Creative Rebels NFT Collection


Kochstrasse™ CREATIVE REBELS should be more than a collection of programmatically generated NFTs in the blockchain. They are a disruptive campaign or better said creative content for young designers. Our agency wants to help those who come from crisis areas and are in need of our support. The collection is based on multi-gender characters that stand for creativity, freedom, design and equality. The collection includes 9595 unique NFTs - with the aim of "minting" all of them. If intermediate goals are reached, 2 design grants are made possible, among other awesome surprises.

Statement of the jury

The Kochstrasse brand agency wants to help people from crisis areas and has launched a fascinating benefit project with the »Creative Rebels NFT Collection« in which young creatives were called upon to mint 9595 NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The basis is a multi-gender character that stands for creativity, freedom, design and equality. Minting creates a unique, digital artwork that cannot be changed or reproduced once stored on the blockchain, which significantly increases its value. This resulted in a creative variety of illustrations that impresses and touches emotionally at the same time.


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