Waterman Freediving buoy

Waterman Freediving buoy


What is a good Freediving buoy?Light-weight : Reduce Freediving traveler’s weights.Heavy-duty : Long-life products are also environmentally friendly.Functional : Is a buoy, but also a backpack as well, nicely combined itself together. Waterman Freediving is a small design studio that has more freedom and flexibility. Our target is not only design a good quality freediver’s life style products, but also a functional, essential products. Only do the best or do nothing that to avoid resource waste.

Statement of the jury

The free-diving buoy designed by Waterman Freediving also serves as a backpack. The fact that the product is both robust and, at the same time, pleasantly light with useful details shows how well thought-out the design is.


Excellent Product Design
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Wayne Hung Wei Liao