cup of tea ensemble

cup of tea ensemble


This hotel , originally a bank, was renovated as a hotel , with a lounge open to guests and local residents on the ground floor and guest rooms on the second floor, utilising local resources for the interior and exterior. Rationality within the local community: what inevitably emerged from re-evaluating it as 'microvanacular' was reconstructed as a space with local specificity. As a tourist destination surrounded by rich forests, we hope that the hotel will become not only a hotel but also a base for creating values of "living with the forest" and a new "sight" of local culture that will mature over the years.

Statement of the jury

With its »cup of tea ensemble«, KRAFT ARCHITECTS succeeded in transforming a former bank into a hotel with a sophisticated design. The skilful use of wood is particularly impressive. It was used in a variety of ways in the pleasantly minimalist interior and creates an extraordinary atmosphere that promises a high-quality stay and promotes communication. The partition walls made of flat logs piled up in such a way that many small gaps were created are a nice idea. In this way, light not only penetrates on both sides but also facilitates communication. The fact that this type of wall also connects the interior with the outside world is consistent andcreates an unmistakable atmosphere. The use of wood from the region reinforces the local reference and underscores the sustainable idea behind the extraordinary design.


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