St. Ann’s Warehouse 40th Anniversary Season

St. Ann’s Warehouse 40th Anniversary Season


Creative partners for 25 years, we developed the brand for St. Ann’s Warehouse built on layering textures found around the streets in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For their 40th Anniversary, we worked with photographer Teddy Wolff to project textures from past shows and layer them in real time using long exposures over the course of several seconds per projection. These composite photos represent St. Ann’s history and its future. This large-format newsprint brochure was printed on a high-speed web press.

Statement of the jury

The large-format newspaper brochure produced for the 40th anniversary of St. Ann's Warehouse captivates with a special key visual that created a fascinating collage through special long exposures. With a high level of design, it spans the arc between the past and the future of the New York cultural institution.


Excellent Communications Design