Haus K

Haus K


A summerhouse with garage, a boathouse and a sauna perfectly integrated in to the lake shore. Natural aging materials support the concept “Gesamtkunstwerk”, where the architecture, garden and interior spaces are in perfect harmony. The building is composed of a concrete body and a crafted wooden shell with a light axis running through it ending in a pier at the lake. The site was re naturalized with grasses. Wooden walkways lead to a boathouse and a generous terrace overlooking the lake.

Statement of the jury

This idyllic lakeside summer home exhibits a tastefully wood-clad upper level, which cantilevers over the ground floor. The major achievement of this design is its atmospheric handling of light, such as the atmospheric natural light enabled by the slats used in the upper level. A lovely home, that was planned and executed in harmony with its natural surroundings.


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