Where Do Cars Go at Night?

Where Do Cars Go at Night?


Where Do Cars Go at Night? is a children’s book of the future, teaching our children what self-driving cars will be doing at night. The book tells the story of autonomous car CARLA-15 and what she will be doing all night, while the rest of the world sleeps. CARLA-15’s story shows how life will change once autonomous vehicles are an everyday reality. CARLA-15 is part of a shared-vehicle fleet that brings us from A to B during the daytime, but won’t need to “sit around and sleep” during the night.

Statement of the jury

This children’s book translates the subject of driverless cars into an exciting and lovingly illustrated story. An interesting approach that presents this futuristic subject not to adults, but to children, familiarising them with the idea at an early age – after all, it is presumably the toddlers of today for whom these vehicles will be part of everyday life tomorrow.


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