Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere Cinemas

Hangzhou Kerry Centre Premiere Cinemas


The Reflector is an essential accessory for cinematography. Based on its round shape, it is presented in various styles. Yellow, brown and dove colours are used to illustrate different degrees of light intensity. On the lobby ceiling, round and brown aluminium plates are grouped and arranged in different ways, some stacking into a pile, some intersecting with each other. The theme is presented abstractly in other areas, e.g. the light from floor lamps in the corridor creates circular halos on the wall.

Statement of the jury

The concept of a reflector screen as a main design element has been executed here throughout and in a visually impressive fashion. A superb example of the play of geometric form, light and shadow that endows this multiplex with an unmistakable look.

Special Mention

Excellent Communications Design
Interior Architecture