DHL Packset App

DHL Packset App


Sending parcels to someone you like feels great, except for the packaging. DHL Packset , one of the worldwide first augmented reality apps using ARKit, makes people’s lives easier by organising the whole sending process in seconds: the user scans a surface, inserts a virtual Packset in which he specifies the shipping, adjusts the size, optionally selects a stamp and collection service, and receives the ready-to-send Packset at his doorstep. For safe payment, DHL Packset forwards to Deutsche Post eBranches.

Statement of the jury

The German post office’s DHL Packset App provides a highly augmented reality tool that helps users select the right size of DHL box for their parcels. Use of the app is simple and intuitive. The idea of explaining how to use the app via a graphic showing that an elephant needs to fit into the box is simply brilliant. A genuinely useful app and service that makes sending parcels a lot easier and far less complicated.


Excellent Communications Design