Wuhan Panlong Plaza Yinxing Cinema

Wuhan Panlong Plaza Yinxing Cinema


Movies played in cinema are images projected from the lens of the projector to the large screen. This project applies the theory of projection as the theme by subtracting the pyramid shapes formed during projection from the entire space. Normally, one would think of adding elements into the interior while designing. This time, designers used reverse thinking by instead subtracting 33 pyramid shapes from the overall volumes, resulting in these irregular, faceted spaces.

Statement of the jury

The interior concept, based on the idea of reducing typical pyramid shapes formed during cinema projection, creates a very special atmosphere. With its geometric forms and perspective alignment, in addition to the lively interplay of light and shadow, the design has an almost expressionist feel, making it intelligently trace an arc back to the beginnings of cinema with regard to architecture and content.


Excellent Architecture
Interior Architecture


Hubei Xiang Sheng Yin Xing Entertainment Management Co., Ltd.