Biomega EV

Biomega EV


In 2018, Biomega launched its first four-wheel EV in Shanghai – a compact four-passenger electric vehicle for urban use. Supported by an electric motor on each wheel, it reflects the company’s principles of social innovation and design thinking. Biomega’s mission is to replace polluting cars in cities, to help reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to a greener future. The EV’s shape is influenced by its Danish identity, with a focus on an uncluttered interior and functional aesthetics.

Statement of the jury

The clear, unfussy design of the Biomega EV’s body refers to the purist yet carefully thought-out interior, which consistently dispenses with anything superfluous to reduce weight. Nevertheless, the vehicle looks charming and pleasant both from outside and in, provides driving pleasure that’s as agile as it is zippy and thus creates a completely new feeling of mobility. A great example of how mobility is changing and thus a real step towards the emission-free city of the future.


Excellent Product Design
Conceptional Transportation