EDAG CityBot: Autonomous Transport and Work Vehicle

EDAG CityBot: Autonomous Transport and Work Vehicle


EDAG CityBots are multifunctional, autonomous and swarm intelligent robot vehicles. Due to the large number of possible applications, which can be realised with different trailer and tool modules, the EDAG CityBot is effectively utilised to capacity and works around the clock in urban space. With the EDAG CityBot, EDAG delivers an intelligent statement for sustainable, holistic mobility, traffic flow planning, groundbreaking urban development and new business cases.

Statement of the jury

The futuristic design of the EDAG CityBot vehicles is concise and unique in every respect and comprehensively reflects the highly progressive approach to form and functionality. The autonomous EDAG CityBot concept enables the uninterrupted use of a wide range of driving services around the clock. A wide variety of functional modules are attached to a drive robot for this purpose. This offers the chance to effectively master already often-prevailing traffic gridlock by means of digitally controlled traffic logistics. A quantum leap on the way to sustainable, holistic mobility in urban space and new urban planning concepts.


Excellent Product Design
Conceptional Transportation