Ascento Modulare Sitzlösung

Ascento Modulare Sitzlösung


Balanced in functionality and aesthetics. Ascento, a modular seating solution developed with the Danish design office C.F. Møller, achieves this requirement. Ascento is suitable for private bathrooms, hotels, sanitary facilities in clinics, nursing homes and waiting areas. The system offers the option of wall mounting or suspension from the shower hand rail. Backrest, armrests and suspension module can be fitted to the Ascento folding seat, either all at the same time or at different stages.

Statement of the jury

The shower seat is impressive with its simple, modern aesthetics allowing it to blend discreetly into many bathroom environments. Furthermore, the option to adapt the seat to the respective needs of the user with different modules makes the product extremely flexible.


Excellent Product Design
Bath and Wellness