Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time


Once Upon a Time… was born from a partnership between Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo. This piece, in a limited edition of only eight copies, is composed of 1,090 small triangles of hand painted porcelain and an exclusive bar service, also limited to eight copies, produced in crystal of superior quality and with platinum elements. The pieces are fully blown, cut, engraved and painted by hand. The cabinet’s decoration, signed by VA Studio, features a peony garden and two Chinese phoenix.

Statement of the jury

Once Upon a Time is a run of highly exclusive furniture, limited to just eight pieces, which may well become sought-after by collectors. The elaborately manufactured cabinet captivates with a decorative floral pattern comprised of hand-painted tiles, whose variety and triangular form give the design a very modern appearance, which is further emphasised by the straightforward overall design language of the piece in connection with the striking metal base.


Excellent Product Design