LignoLoc® – Magazinierte Nägel aus Holz

LignoLoc® – Magazinierte Nägel aus Holz


LignoLoc® is the first collated nail made of wood which is processed by pneumatic nailers. Without pre-drilling, it is shot into wood and wood-based materials and, through the process of wood welding, it forms a substance to substance bond. From production to recycling, the LignoLoc® wood nail stands out due to its eco-friendly properties. The European beech wood used is a renewable raw material, and the production of the wood nail releases only 25 % of the greenhouse gases released in the production of a steel nail.

Statement of the jury

LignoLoc® is the first magazine-loaded nail made of wood. It is shot into the wood material without pre-drilling by a pneumatic nailer and thus replaces traditional steel nails. A real innovation that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and allows for an even more purist use of wood – without any metal, glue or similar.


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