Green Office® ENJOY

Green Office® ENJOY


Where economy meets ecology – Green Office® ENJOY is Paris’s first wooden high-rise office block to produce more energy than it consumes. Solar roof panels, compact proportions and a well-balanced wall-to-openings ratio are the key to its energy performance, but the design, by Baumschlager Eberle Architekten and SCAPE, offers even more. Attention to detail, respect for the surrounding building environment and comfortable workplace conditions will ensure the building’s long-term future.

Statement of the jury

The Green Office® ENJOY fulfils the requirements of a contemporary, environmentally-friendly, climate-aware office structure in an exemplary way. The fact that it is aesthetically convincing, and moreover, the way the building matches the surrounding architecture – such as the way the metal façade harmonises beautifully with the adjacent train tracks – makes the successful concept even more exciting.


Excellent Architecture