Zhaojun Museum

Zhaojun Museum


2,000 years ago, Wang Zhaojun was sent to marry the leader of Xiongnu and establish friendship. The Zhaojun Museum was built along the axis of the tomb. Two truncated pyramids rotated 45° and the v-shaped opening between them reveals the Zhaojun Tomb far away. Earth and wood were the predominant materials used in ancient China. The tomb was originally built of rammed earth and wood. Special concrete and laminated bamboo was used to preserve the historical character of the site.

Statement of the jury

The solution of using both pyramid-shaped units to form the spacious entrance area was fantastic. The clarity of the traditional design language makes the monumental complex still look modern and contemporary today. An impressive design that is visible even from far away and arouses curiosity and interest.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture