Mudita Pure

Mudita Pure


Mudita Pure is a minimalist premium mobile phone that aims to improve the quality of life in today’s world. With an ultra-low Specific Absorption Rate head value and an E Ink display, it is an ideal solution for people who use technology and at the same time take care of their health. Additionally, the lack of a web browser, applications, games and access to social media sites is designed to reduce distractions, giving users the ability to enjoy life offline.

Statement of the jury

Superficially minimal, clean and contemporary, the Mudita Pure is a gentler mobile phone with an eye on mindfulness and wellbeing that is highly evocative of zen philosophy. The Pebble Gray colour and harmonising display blend with familiar controls. The functionality is deliberately pared down to the bare essentials, yet the phone nonetheless caters to all important contemporary communication needs.


Excellent Product Design
Computer and Communication