Scewo Bro

Scewo Bro


The everyday life of wheelchair users is full of obstacles. With a Scewo Bro wheelchair, stairs and steps can be climbed independently. It ensures agile, comfortable mobility. Clearly defined lines give Scewo Bro an elegant yet sporty look. Featuring independent balancing, users do not need to counterbalance movements themselves. At the push of a button, the Scewo Bro is ready for climbing stairs. This wheelchair promotes a new freedom and quality of life – making inaccessible places accessible.

Statement of the jury

The Scewo Bro is designed and technically equipped to master even stairs effortlessly – an obstacle before which conventional wheelchairs have to capitulate. The fact that the wheelchair with its compact, progressive design also looks good, makes it even more attractive. A fantastic product that permits wheelchair users much more freedom regarding their mobility without being dependent on others’ help.


Excellent Product Design
Medical Rehabilitation and Health Care