Mesuring Spoons ( Teaspoon / Tablespoon )

Mesuring Spoons ( Teaspoon / Tablespoon )


5 ml/15 ml measuring spoon. The shallow, teardrop-shaped head means even sticky ingredients such as mayonnaise and ketchup wash off easily. The long handle simplifies mixing and blending as well as measuring. Feels like a normal spoon thanks to thinned tip and angled handle Can be used in all aspects of everyday cooking.

Statement of the jury

The pair of measuring spoons are kitchen utensils that are as simple as they are practical, aiding seamless work in the kitchen. Thanks to the two calibrated spoon sizes, the desired quantity of cooking oil or similar products can be measured easily, intuitively and quickly. At the same time, the timelessly elegant and high-quality combination of measuring instrument and cutlery pays a beautiful tribute to Japanese design quality.


Excellent Product Design