Meeting Owl Pro

Meeting Owl Pro


The Meeting Owl Pro is a smart 360° camera, mic and speaker device all in one. Sitting in the centre of the table, it uses vision and voice recognition to shift the camera focus onto who’s speaking, making all participants feel like they’re in the same room. While historically this type of experience was limited to complicated and expensive hardware, the Pro achieves this with the simplicity of a smart device and the same ease of consumer technology we use in the home, at a cost-disruptive price-point.

Statement of the jury

Exhibiting in a way that reflects its name, the smart audio-visual meeting solution pleases with sleek, reduced cone-like simplicity and ease of use. Feature-rich and compatible with several web-based video conferencing platforms, Meeting Owl Pro enhances online meetings with high quality plug-and-play effortlessness.


Excellent Product Design
Computer and Communication