Intensive Care Unit Pedro Hispano Hospital

Intensive Care Unit Pedro Hispano Hospital


Conceived in the context of COVID-19, the extension of the Intensive Care Unit of Pedro Hispano public hospital comprises eleven negative pressure rooms, ensuring the best treatment conditions for patients and more safety for healthcare professionals. Doubling the number of beds of the ICU, this extension also improves its regular service in the long term. Completed in just 25 working days, the project was developed in a model of continuous collaboration between architects and the medical team.

Statement of the jury

From the outside, the additional building blends harmoniously into the existing architecture of the hospital both in terms of its form and colour, whilst maintaining a small spatial distance to increase safety. The short construction period is also impressive. An exemplary project of social relevance.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture


Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos