Until now, every text has either been written by hand, or typeset with a font. With Grammato, we’re introducing a third approach, combining the best of both worlds: beautiful, infinitely smooth written text, where text keeps its semantics. Grammato is built on standard technologies, so it just works everywhere. Wherever you’ve only been using fonts, you can now use Grammato: in apps, social media, videos, interfaces, devices, operating systems, everywhere!

Statement of the jury

The extraordinary beginning of a new kind of beautiful writing. Up to now, every text was written by hand or on a keyboard. The app Grammato makes it possible to combine both kinds of writing in a typographically immaculate text that retains its semantics. The software is based on the standard technologies of open type variable fonts. Wherever fonts are used, in social media, videos, interfaces, devices, operating systems – the innovative Grammato works everywhere with beautiful results.


Excellent Communications Design