The world rescue

The world rescue


For children, global warming is just a word or a topic in a book. They think it may be about hot or unstable weather, the high water level or missing polar bears, etc. Parents are trying to explain about global warming to their kids, but children seem to be finding it difficult to get a clear grasp and understanding of the phenomenon. To this end, we designed this board game entitled Earth Rescue, which directly uses ice and water elements to help children get a feel for the actual scenario and be able to understand it.

Statement of the jury

Merging fixed, softly shaped, contoured elements and colours representing continents with individual play pieces, the game contextualises the subject of global warming for young children and adults alike. Utilising ice and water to show the effects of warming in real time results in an inventive and educational game for all.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care