Catrub One

Catrub One


Unsightly scratching posts are a thing of the past: Catrub’s cat furniture One combines design and functionality. Made of easy to clean high-tech material, One integrates itself into every modern interior style. Due to the modular system you can choose the components according to the needs of your cat, adapt them to its age and renew them sustainably. One is the place to sleep, play, for claw sharpening and grooming. All in ONE.

Statement of the jury

Packed with features, the product represents a reimagining of traditional feline furniture in an ovular body with wooden feet as a base. The result is a piece that fits perfectly into most contemporary homes. Clever use of materials ensures easy maintenance and proper hygiene, while modular elements address a wide spectrum of cat’s grooming and living needs.

Special Mention

Excellent Product Design
Sports Outdoor Activities and Leisure