Aquatic Center – »Wodny Park Tychy«

Aquatic Center – »Wodny Park Tychy«


We used the most energy-efficient shape. We started with a sphere and turned it into a to circle that we stretched to an ellipse to expose it more to the south. We used chameleon panels that look like water in a lake, that changes depending on sunlight. The building produces twice as much energy than it consumes! The citizens’ waste is being processed to biogas and then sent to our building that functions as an energy hub, that creates electricity and heat. Overproduction is sent back to the city.

Statement of the jury

The building harmonises with the landscape thanks to its elliptical outline. Gently curved structures interpret the movement of water in the interior and make poetic reference to the building’s function. An impactful design that is both aesthetically and energetically impressive.

Special Mention

Excellent Architecture
Eco Design