X Shore - Eelex 8000 2021 Edition

X Shore - Eelex 8000 2021 Edition


X Shore is the Swedish technology company behind a game-changing generation of fully-electric, connected boats. The company was founded in 2016, and rests on three key pillars; design, sustainability and technology. Its first commercial model, the »Eelex 8000 2021 Edition«, include a proprietary mobile and smartwatch app, which unlocks and turns on the boat when in range, smart overboard detection, geo-fencing software, autopilot, and innovative design.

Statement of the jury

The electricfication of motorboats is a highly relevant topic. Not just because of the climate, but also because the impact of motorboats with electric motors on animals living in the water is much smaller than with conventional combustion engines. The »Eelex 8000 2021« from the Swedish technology company X-Shore is an impressive example of what sustainability can look like in this area. Just looking at the exceptional design of the boat it becomes apparent that outdated customs were radically removed. Instead, the company has focused on functionality and smart and networked technology, in the form of its own mobile phone and smartwatch app, among other things, which unlocks and switches on the boat when within range. Other meaningful features include intelligent overboard detection, geofencing software and autopilot.


Excellent Product Design
Aviation, Maritime and Railway