BT Reflex E-series

BT Reflex E-series


From tilting cabin to 360° steering, from AC power to regenerative braking, from transitional lift control to integrated telematics: Toyota has been class-leading with innovative features over the years. With the new »BT Reflex Series«, we are setting new benchmarks for safety, ergonomics, and energy efficiency. The »BT Reflex E-series« is the world’s only reach truck with a tilting cabin. It is designed to reduce the risk of strain for the driver in repetitive high-level applications.

Statement of the jury

Designed for work in high-bay warehouses, the »BT Reflex E-series« stacker impresses with an outstanding overall design concept in a design language that has been reduced down to the very last detail. At the same time, the design combines quality with user performance and underlines the safety and operational concept. An interesting feature of the »Reflex E-series« is the worldwide unique tilt cabin. This allows the operator to look upwards in a relaxed position, making work tremendously easier. Toyota has repeatedly taken the lead in its class in recent years with innovative functions. The manufacturer has set new standards in terms of safety, ergonomics and energy efficiency with the »BT Reflex series«. Product usability and dynamism are congenially combined in an impressive manner in this product.


Excellent Product Design


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