Joan 6 Pro — the ultra low-power room scheduler for the collaborative workplace

Joan 6 Pro — the ultra low-power room scheduler for the collaborative workplace


Joan 6 Pro takes meeting room management to an unprecedented level. The device is made primarily of low-impact and recyclable materials, including glass and aluminum. It has been engineered to last 5+ years and boasts the lowest failure rate in the industry. The display is battery-powered and is virtually wireless. It can be mounted on any surface without drilling or cables. With e-paper technology, Joan 6 Pro is 560x more energy efficient than other tablets on the market, lasting 1 year on the power it takes to make a single cup of coffee. This state-of-the-art device provides a seamless room booking experience leaving zero carbon footprint.

Statement of the jury

The new »Joan 6 Pro« meeting room scheduler is impressive with a beautifully designed interface and clear, no-frills housing design allowing the unit to blend harmoniously into many office environments and become almost invisible when not in use. This is ensured by the particularly power-saving e-paper technology with the option to switch between light and dark modes. The use of reusable and recyclable materials such as glass and aluminium as well as reliable technology with a low failure rate promise a long service life that also makes it a commendably sustainable design approach. »Joan 6 Pro« can be easily installed wherever you want without drilling. Without wires or cables. This product has been exceptionally well thought-out down to the last detail both formally and functionally.


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