XRFbs 5295 BlackSteel & XRFst 5295 SmartSteel

XRFbs 5295 BlackSteel & XRFst 5295 SmartSteel


The new Side-by-side provide many innovative solutions from BioFresh with HydroBreeze, LightTower, Touch&Swipe display, InfinitySpring, IceTower etc. The clear, minimalist style of HardLine-Design lends a real sense of elegance and fits seamlessly into any kitchen style. Fine glass and stainless steel interior components are convincing. The precise processing, an eye for details and the harmonious combination of materials, shapes and colours create an all-round aesthetic overall picture.

Statement of the jury

The timelessly elegant and overall very high-quality looking side-by-side refrigerator from Liebherr not only offers different cooling zones, but also practical features that make everyday kitchen life more convenient. 


Excellent Product Design


Liebherr-Hausgeraete GmbH