Kuwasawa Design School 2022 Guidebook

Kuwasawa Design School 2022 Guidebook


School guidebook for Kuwasawa Design School, the first design school in Japan. In recent years, online communication is increasing, and the line between reality and virtual is becoming more and more blurry. As a school guidebook in this age, we pursued the possibility of design by expressing what was recognized as digital with analog (paper and print). We hope that it will encourage future students to take an interest in design.

Statement of the jury

The school guide for the Kuwasawa Design School, Japan's first college of design, translates the theme of digitality into an analogue print medium. Even the cover, which in combination with the slipcase generates a typographic effect that mimics the animation on a computer screen in an amazingly realistic way, makes you want to take a closer look at the book and thus the school and the design studies there. It’s a clever and at the same time very well-crafted book that impressively demonstrates the possibilities of analogue design and is therefore extraordinarily inspiring.


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Kuwasawa Design School


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