MATE SUV is our take on the perfect alternative to cars, offering total freedom without compromising on convenience. The MATE SUV gives your passengers front view seats and allows you to enjoy the many benefits of a lighter, more agile, and fully modular vehicle. Our most powerful MATE to date.

Statement of the jury

The fact that the »MATE SUV« is not a car at all, but an electric cargo bike, may confuse some observers at first glance. But at the latest at second glance, it becomes clear that the chosen name is anything but wrong and could not have been more appropriate. The cargo basket offers plenty of space for passengers who are also optimally protected by the stable frame construction. The cleverly integrated lighting technology underlines the purist-clean, stylish design language and ensures good visibility even during the day, and the modular design concept enables maximum flexibility. The »MATE SUV«, developed in cooperation with ZANZOTTI INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, may not be as big as its 4-wheeled counterparts but promises incomparably more freedom and riding pleasure in city traffic.


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MATE.BIKE International Aps.
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