DA50 RG - Eine neue Klasse am Leichtflugzeugmarkt

DA50 RG - Eine neue Klasse am Leichtflugzeugmarkt


Like a Marvel hero, the Diamond Aircraft DA50 RG recently emerged as the ultimate aircraft for pilots and their passengers: the most spacious, jet-fuel efficient, luxurious, modern, eco-friendly single-engine piston aircraft in the world. The DA50 RG takes modern general aviation to another level with retractable gear, a twin turbo charged jet-fueled 300HP engine and state-of-the-art avionics.

Statement of the jury

The single-engine »DA50 RG« light aircraft sets standards in this segment in terms of performance, functionality, efficiency and luxury comfort. At the same time, it impresses with a striking design language that makes it unmistakable.  


Excellent Product Design
Aviation, Maritime and Railway


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