Over 20 million vehicles reach end of life each year in the EU and US. With their complex, multi-material construction and integrated controls, steering wheels defy recycling. They make up most of the 25% of each vehicle that ends up in a landfill every year. Cercle is the first automotive steering wheel to adopt a circular economy approach to design. That enables easy, complete disassembly and recycling while incorporating complex controls and haptic feedback into a high-quality standard form.

Statement of the jury

Multi-material products are difficult to recycle and therefore often end up in landfills. This also includes many conventional car steering wheels that usually combine a complex mix of plastics, metals and leather that is difficult to separate. This is not the case with the »Cercle« steering wheel, which was consistently developed according to the principle of the circular economy and can be completely dismantled into components that can be recycled by type. At the same time, the steering wheel impresses with its pleasant feel and an operating concept based on two integrated touchpads with functional logic that is reminiscent of game consoles. Considering how many millions of cars are scrapped every year, the 100% recyclable »Cercle« steering wheel could make a major contribution to reducing waste, conserving resources and cutting CO2 emissions.


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