Rotterdam Rooftop Walk

Rotterdam Rooftop Walk


Open for one month in which it plays a highlight role in both Rotterdam Architecture Month and the Rotterdam Rooftop Festival, the Rotterdam Rooftop Walk allows visitors to venture across a variety of the city’s rooftops at a height of 30 metres. It aims to give the public a new perspective on the city: the extensive programming should increase visitors’ awareness of the potential of roofs, which can become a “second layer” that makes the city more liveable, biodiverse, sustainable, and healthy.

Statement of the jury

The »Rotterdam Rooftop Walk«, a bright orange, 600-metre-long temporary pedestrian bridge as part of the Rotterdam Rooftop Festival, allowed visitors to explore a variety of rooftops from a height of 30 metres and thus appreciate the city from a different perspective. Besides the fantastic view over the city and the opportunity to pause, various information boards and information stands raised awareness for the sustainable use of rooftops in urban spaces, for example for solar energy or green spaces to promote biodiversity. With the »Rotterdam Rooftop Walk«, the idea of viewing things from above in order to perceive them holistically has been interpreted in an excitingly new and inspiring way in every respect.


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Rotterdam Rooftop Days


Rotterdam Rooftop Days
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