Witt ETNA series

Witt ETNA series


Cook the ultimate Pizza in less than 60 seconds. Struggling to make the perfect crispy pizza at home? Controlled burned spots. Nicely grilled on top. Perfect crunchy bottom. That’s why we made ETNA pizza ovens. Build of premium first-class materials and simple to use.

Statement of the jury

Pizza as crispy and delicious as from an Italian restaurant? The »Witt ETNA« pizza oven promises just that with its special design. A large baking chamber and a rotating plate inside the oven ensure that the pizza is evenly crispy on all sides, and gas flames provide plenty of power. Four thick and slightly protruding legs ensure that the oven stands securely, and high-quality materials promise a long life. A high-quality standard is perfectly embodied in the clear, functional and yet extremely robust-looking design language.


Excellent Product Design
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