Clinica Alejandria

Clinica Alejandria


The new Clinica Alejandria located in Valencia(Spain), transforms an abandoned space into a new place dedicated to health and care of people. The project creates a unique, sober and elegant enclave, where it sinuous shapes and materiality generate open spaces where light is a key element of interior design. The use of clay mortar in combination with walnut wood generate an special atmosphere where silence can be breathed, and beauty can be felt. An oasis of calmness in the centre of Valencia.

Statement of the jury

The interior design of the new »Clinica Alejandria« captivates with an interesting interplay of shapes consisting of right angles and curved arches, which, in combination with the walls and ceiling faced in clay mortar and the accentuated use of walnut wood, create a unique atmosphere of sober calm and serenity. Furniture specially made for the clinic fits perfectly into the elegant and high-quality ambience in terms of form and colour and underscores the high demand for minimalism at the highest level of design. This outstanding interior design project on 480 square metres has created an oasis of calm in the heart of Valencia that promotes healing and, at the same time, a perfect place where medicine and education can be combined holistically to create something bigger. Simply take a deep breath and relax.


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