Multisensory Art & Play Table and Chair Set Luula

Multisensory Art & Play Table and Chair Set Luula


The original design of Luula's children's furniture is based on the guiding principles of Montessori pedagogy for multisensory learning. Easily accessible objects in an accessible place suitable for the child's physiological needs allow the child to plan activities independently. Paper roll, blackboard, clear acrylic board, storage for sand or books, and water bowl holder, and niches for pencils or small parts will provide the opportunity for toddlers to play and learn from 2 to 10 years of age.

Statement of the jury

Luula has developed a special workstation for children up to the age of ten that promotes multi-sensory learning thanks to its sophisticated design. An interesting design concept that not only impresses with its high level of functionality, but also with its timeless design language.


Excellent Product Design
Baby and Child Care