Dia is an app for modern women. Dia was created for TFP, to empower women with knowledge and data beyond their period. This connection between Significa, Dia, and TFP allowed us to provide a full-circle experience to the users. Education, health logs, habits tracking, and a fertility forecast, all combined, would enable women to own their body data. We ran the extra mile to make Dia a remarkable experience (UX) with a stunningly beautiful Design (UI).

Statement of the jury

Dia helps women better understand their own bodies. The attractively designed app creates a remarkable user experience (UX) by using knowledge and data to help women individually develop a deeper understanding of their bodies. The playful use of soothing colours and organic shapes conveys the necessary warmth and sensitivity for users, while the clear design brings the necessary clarity. Female health is an individually emotional topic that has been remarkably realised by Dia!


Excellent Communications Design