Passaporte Natura 2000

Passaporte Natura 2000


Passaporte Natura is a digital passport that takes its users on a technological and sensory journey through the Natura 2000 Network in Portugal. It aims to showcase a specific part of the Portuguese territory, the Natura 2000 Network, raising awareness of issues related to the conservation of biodiversity and heritage, always with a strong focus on sustainability. The Natura Passport offers a new way of getting to know the largest network of protected areas in the world, the Natura 2000 Network.

Statement of the jury

Passaporte Natura takes us on a digital journey through the Natura 2000 network in Portugal. This app uses technology in a highly creative way to raise awareness about sustainability issues such as biodiversity conservation and cultural heritage. Users can use this digital passport to discover new places in one of the world's largest protected area networks and develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues. The application offers a very good user experience combined with an intuitive and appealing user interface. A remarkable contribution to the promotion of environmental awareness and engagement!


Excellent Communications Design