Readey -Reset & Detox Hair "Brush"

Readey -Reset & Detox Hair "Brush"


Readey is a brush that instantly makes your hair smooth all the way to the tips, and at the same time refreshes your mood. The secret is a mechanism that suppresses approximately 6000 sonic vibrations/min and static electricity. In addition to conditioning the hair cuticle, 88 metal pins set on a soft cushion provide a cool and pleasant stimulation to the scalp, relieving tension. It generates negative ions, and delivers them to the entire hair, resulting in moisturized, manageable, and glossy hair.

Statement of the jury

The 'Readey' hairbrush not only cares for the hair, but also gently stimulates the scalp. With its integrated technology, it also generates negative ions and static electricity, which optimises care. A pleasant, contemporary product with a short, compact design that sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to use.


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