Centor Integrated 205 Folding Door

Centor Integrated 205 Folding Door


World first Integrated Doors give inside-outside living without compromise. Doors, screens, shades and hardware are designed as one. Built into the doorframe, screens and shades control insects, light and privacy. Concealed hinges and auto-locks fit within slim lines removing visual distractions to outside. The beautiful doors function with fingertip operation and adjust easily. Thermally-improved aluminium construction and wood inside prevents seasonal movement giving long-lasting delight.

Statement of the jury

Good design is something that cannot be seen! If ever this sentence applied to a product, it would be for these folding doors. The details that make these doors work so well were what impressed the jury so much, and they have all been so intelligently integrated that they are actually invisible to the naked eye. An outstanding product – technical and functional sophistication right down to the finest detail.


Excellent Product Design