Exploded Cinema

Exploded Cinema


The designers visualized scenes from science fiction movies. Upon entering the cinema, audiences’ eyes would meet with various-shaped and three dimensional boxes. Black and white engulfs perimeter, conveying hints of futuristic and multi-dimensional feelings appearing in science fiction movies. Rectangular-shaped concessions and kiosks inclined at assorted angles, camouflaging themselves in a futuristic background, which triggers associations with meteors in space or the second element of psychedelic space.

Statement of the jury

Inspired by science fiction films, the interior of this movie theater is surprising in its masterful use of forms and materials. Each area is individually designed, in the course of which the overarching science fiction theme is interpreted in various ways and spectacularly implemented.


Excellent Communications Design
Interior Achitecture


Hubei Xiang Sheng Yin Xing Entertainment Management Co., Ltd.